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Drink Better Coffee With Us!

Brass Bullet Coffee Company is a specialty coffee company owned and operated by four Army veterans.

We pride ourselves on bringing you a superb selection of specialty coffees and supporting various charitable organizations. 

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Hi, my name is Keith and I’m an addict. I’ve been addicted to Kickstart for a few months now. The best coffee I’ve ever had, hands down.

Keith Bourque

Best coffee EVER. I normally drink black rifle but this is my new favorite

Madison Fowler

Had my Brazallian Cerrado yesterday and looking forward to it this morning. Will be ordering more, trying out the other flavors soon. I've experienced all types/kinds/sources of coffee. This is Excellent Coffee and Exceptional Customer Service. Highly recommend!

Tara Palmatier

I am not a paid endorsement!! I’ve had many coffee brands over the years. Brass Bullet Coffee is phenomenal. I encourage you to try it. Great flavor and is a welcome relief from Starbucks’ bitter flavor.

Thomas Hughes

Supporting Causes

Dan supports the WWII Airborne Living History Association

Serving Customers

Eric at a trade show. We were fortunate to start a partnership with BattleBorne!

Finding Amazing Coffee

Ben at a cupping in Nicaragua. He personally buys our Nicaraguan coffee from farmers in his village.

Four West Point Classmates. One Goal.

Dan, Kate and Dana at a concert. We aren't just business partners. We're family.

Selected Fundraising Coffees

Veteran Coffee With Taste

Specialty coffee.

Freshly roasted.

Veteran family owned and operated.